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SOLO. Insula Java. Indonezia. Atasez patru inregistrari video de la ritualurile budiste pe care le-am urmarit la templul Borobudur, cu ocazia sarbatorii Waisak, despre care am scris aici. Au participat calugari budisti din diverse traditii – am vazut chinezi, indonezieni, tailandezi si tibetani.

Urmarind inregistrarile sper ca va puteti face o idee despre atmosfera speciala de la Borobudur – cu luna plina pe cer, templul in maiestatea sa ancestrala si frumusetea ritualurilor budiste.

Mantrele sunt in pali, limba liturgica a budismului.

Ritual al budistilor chinezi

Ritual al budistilor indonezieni

Ritual al budistilor tibetani? (nu sunt sigur)

Lansarea de lampioane catre cer

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2 comentarii la “Ceremonia Waisak la templul Borobudur (VIDEO)”
  1. Anna says:

    That for sure has been a great time to witness Borobudur. I love that you saw the temple under a full moon. I look at the monks and things seem much more neat than what I saw in Nepal or Myanmar on similar celebrations in the past years. By the way I saw people asking to take photos with monks in Nepal as well. Not everyone has the courage to ask does but some do it.

    Don’t forget to come to Pamir!. 🙂

    • Big Bule says:

      Selamat datang Anna.

      Events are quite well organized in Indonesia and the religious ones are even better. There have been chairs, food, good sound system. No chaos, no victims, no crowds 🙂

      The photo mania of Indonesians is beyond anything imaginable. While it’s easy to tolerate it on the street or any place of some interest, it’s hard to tolerate it on a ceremony like Waisak, where they roam non stop. Truly funny to see how they stop the monks to take photos with them. Almost like they’re bule 🙂

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